What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system or CMS. WordPress currently holds (as of 2015) over 50% of the CMS market share and powers up to 23% of ALL websites online.

Starting in 2004, WordPress was an initially used as a blogging platform, but since then has developed into a versatile and effective solution for all types of websites. In addition, WordPress is continually evolving and can be increasingly integrated with the software providing solutions for ecommerce and more dynamic type websites.

Today, WordPress powers nearly 75 million websites worldwide with overall traffic at 14.7 billion monthly page views.

WordPress retains an impressive CMS market share

Wordpress 53.8%
Joomla 9.2%
Drupal 6.7%
Others 30.3%

What we can do for you

Both as a company and individuals, we have extensive experience in using, developing and customizing WordPress for our clients. Today, 80% of our design & development projects use WordPress as a base. We can install, customize, extend, develop plugins, design themes from the ground up, and customize existing themes.

Whether you have an existing site that you wish to improve, or you want a bespoke design to launch a new project, we can help. We also implement WordPress extensions such as bbpress, Buddypress & Woocommerce (the most popular ecommerce solution for WordPress) to make them work for you and your individual needs and requirements.

What other CMS options do you have?

Of course WordPress or even a CMS is not for everyone. For some, they have had negative past experiences with WordPress, or they simply find it too much. However, there are a multitude of other Content Management Systems available, we we also have experience with.

For bigger organisations, especially government and educational institutes, Drupal has always been a favourite, while with the increase in the popularity of blogging, platforms such as Tumblr and Ghost offer a simpler alternative. If you are not sure what is the best CMS for you, or if you even need one, contact us so we can discuss your project and find the best fit for you. Above is a list of all the Content Management Systems we have worked with and have experience in. Use your mouse to scroll through them.