Social Media Integration & Page Design

For any business or blog, social media integration is an absolute necessity in order to maximize your local or global reach. After Google search, social media accounts for the majority of traffic to any website or blog. Integrating social media, and more importantly, identifying which platforms you should concentrate on is at the core of our service.

By analysing your traffic and target demography, we can help you increase your traffic exponentially and provide you with an invaluable tool to maximize your readership.

Intergration & Reach

Our goal with our social media services is to get you set up and integrated with your website or blog. Although we don’t offer fully fledged campaigns, which can be expensive and time consuming, we do offer you the chance to fully integrate your company or blog with social media services which is a cost effective solution to expanding your reach.

Once you are “connected” you can then opt to take this further with a dedicated social media company or an existing in-house staff. Often this is only needed for large companies with bigger budgets. For our full range of services please see below.


  A Media Marketing Strategy based on your content

  Software Recommendations

  Profile Creation (including login/sign up where applicable) for relevant services

  Competitive Analysis

  Audit & Reports

  Community Monitoring & Stats Tracking