Email Marketing & Lead Capture

Do you need to share news about new products or services? Let us help you reach your customers and potential customers. Soon, nearly half of all emails will be read on mobile devices. Having a responsive design for your email, has an impact on email marketing results.

We will work with you to plan marketing campaigns, design a scheduled newsletter template, or customize and send a special promotion email.

Measuring Success: Click-through rates, traffic an email drives to a website, and the number of leads it generates are all ways to measure success. We will help you understand and measure your performance.

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Targeting & Capturing Leads

Your email list can be your greatest asset and list building can become the driving force of your online business. Capturing these emails however requires walking a fine line between encouraging your subscriber without annoying them. A badly constructed capture form can annoy users significantly enough for them to leave your website altogether. The user experience must remain intact.

The good news is it is possible to build email lists without disturbing your visitor and avoid the capture form presenting a content barrier.

Balancing user exerience, good design and logical trigger points, the capture form can become a positive addition to your website rather than an essential annoyance. Using these techniques, we can help build your list steadily and effectively with quality leads and targeted visitors so you can develop an asset which will become vital to the growth of you business.