Step One: Keyword Research & Analysis

The first step of the SEO process always goes back down to analyzing the keywords that are relevant to a project goal and the keywords that are being sought out by your competitors. The experts at James Tobias Creative will use search engine optimization tools to help generate various keywords that should also be targeted to help drive quality traffic to your website. The end result of this step is a list of potential keyword segments that can be chosen from.

Step Two: Assigning the Keywords

With the research conducted and the analysis results at hand, it’s time to make decisions. The SEO strategist at James Tobias Creative will assign keywords to the various pages on your website. This part is especially critical as it’s the road map for the entire campaign. At this point we’ll know what we want each of the pages to rank for so we can work on on-page SEO.

Step Three: On-Page Optimization

Optimizing the backend coding and infrastructure is one of our core specialties. First and foremost, we address all technical issues with the site such as broken links and suggested search engine guideline technicalities such as search engine and user sitemaps, page speed optimization, etc. Following this, we optimize title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and page headings. The process ensures that the search engines can index your content, no pages are being blocked, all links are being followed and everything on the backend and frontend is in the best possible position for search engine indexing.

We even delve into looking at advanced strategies such as implementing schemas, image alt tags and setting up the robots.txt file appropriately. Most importantly, we ensure that your website follows the guidelines suggested by the major search engines such as the Google’s Quality Guidelines.

Step Four: Optimizing the Onsite Content

Optimizing the onsite content is an important process, one that is very straightforward. Here we simply take the keywords from our keyword assignment step and work them into the page’s copy. We ensure not to overuse them and make sure that the content is relevant and can be deemed useful by visitors who come across the page. This step signals search engines to rank you for the specific terms we have listed. In this phase, we’ll make sure that all on-page headings such as H1 tags and H2 tags are optimized as well.

Step Five: Optimizing the Internal Website Links

One of the factors that many self-proclaimed SEO experts and SEO firms/agencies forget is optimizing the internal website links. This factor is also one that Google has specifically mentioned as an important on-page search engine ranking factor. Whether you have a large fragmented site or a smaller site that is lacking the proper infrastructure, we assist with the internal linking process making sure each link points to a page with the correct keyword in the anchor text.

Step Six: Ongoing Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linkbuilding

Once we take care of the on-page SEO, we move into advanced search engine optimization strategies and external linkbuilding – an ongoing process which varies from client to client. We conduct a final review of the technical structure of your site and move on to evaluating and suggesting new forms of search traffic development. This phase is where the external linkbuilding begins as well. For external linkbuilding, the strategies vary and occur at different times, all of which is dependent on the goals of your company’s marketing campaign.

Tying in SEO with Other Digital Marketing Efforts

SEO is a complex strategy which often blurs the line with various other forms of marketing such as paid advertising, content marketing and social media marketing. At James Tobias Creative, we understand that the end result is growing traffic, building your brand following and ultimately driving more sales. In an effort to help, we help to make sure your digital footprint is being built in a way where your online assets are working together to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.