SEO: Search Engine Optimization

An effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy should be the core of your overall online strategy. James Tobias Creative is an experienced team committed to providing quality, value and service.

SEO Goal: “Reaching higher organic search results for words and phrases your potential clients are using. This generates quality visits to your website which can in turn, increase your profit.” We are dedicated to providing each client with the best solutions for their online investment. Our team can help you develop, enhance and manage your online visibility using our three poingt strategy, evaluate, off page and on page optimisation. Reach out today and we will determine how we can help you.

3-Stage Strategy



Evaluating your quality keywords, your goals, and your value offerings will help us design and implement a successful plan.

On Page


These elements are not in our direct control. we will optimize page content, use quality words and ensure effective website architecture.

Off Page


These elements are influenced by readers, visitors and other publishers. These include a plan to get quality links and providing opportunity for social interaction (likes, shares, tweets etc).

Online Marketing

Do you need to share news about new products or services? Let us help you reach your customers and potential customers. Soon, nearly half of all emails will be read on mobile devices. Having a responsive design for your email, has an impact on email marketing results. We will work with you to plan marketing campaigns, design a scheduled newsletter template, or customize and send a special promotion email.

Measuring Success: Click-through rates, traffic an email drives to a website, and the number of leads it generates are all ways to measure success. We will help you understand and measure your performance.