Growing your Business

It is extremely important for small and midsize businesses to have a website and use digital marketing as a means of gaining visibility in the eye of their targeted audience. Usually business owners are busy running their business and cannot get into the details of marketing. This is where we can help. Using a variety of marketing tools and campaign strategies, we can start your marketing campaign or expand on an existing one using a variety of methods including email campaigns, Google Adwords/Adsense, and combine this with our proven SEO strategies to establish or strengthen your business marketing goals.

Google Analytics is the strongest tool that offers tons and tons of data for business owners to look in to the details and take business decisions accordingly. Google Analytics contains every small detail of a website, how REAL people are reacting to the website and this overloaded information sometimes confuses business owners. We deliver reports in an easy to understand, logical way to help your business grow and develop while you can concentrate on running it.

Google Partner

google-partnerGoogle only awards partnerships to agencies who have passed a good number of exams in order to prove they know their services inside out, and have experience in dealing with clients on a variety of budgets, both small and large.

The Google Partners status means we’re are a dedicated agency that consistently maintains high quality standards. The program allows us as a web agency access to tools, initiatives and training on the lasted Google marketing products, which in turn helps our clients get the absolute most from the services we have to offer.

Get In Touch

If you would like to start growing your business marketing, or expand on an existing strategy, please call us, use our contact enquiry form, or email us directly at connect@jamestobiasme.

We also offer consulting services to highlight and explain where your strategies can be improved and how to improve them without commitment to a longer term investment. We provide a one time analysis of your website, its performance ranging from keyword performance to usability. The generated report helps our client respond to how their customers are interacting with their websites and highlights areas for improvements.